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What Is Varasset?

Varasset is a unified work and asset management software solution for the power and communications industries. Varasset adapts to the unique business needs of each organization, quickly delivering high return on your investment.

Why Varasset?

Varasset offers flexible automation for today’s work order and asset management challenges. Developed in the latest technologies, Varasset solves challenges where traditional large enterprise asset management (EAM) vendors often have difficulty.

Asset Management

Track asset conditions, control costs and reduce failure rates using Varasset’s fully-integrated asset and work management functionality, combined with its business intelligence and visualization tools.

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Work Order Management

Control your capital asset construction, repair, and preventive maintenance projects from start to finish, with complete insight into workers, materials, costs and vendors at every stage.

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Utility Pole & Underground Joint Use

Do you work with shared utility poles and underground facilities? If so, you understand the complexities of managing and maintaining assets shared between multiple companies. Varasset’s integrated asset and workflow management, mapping, business intelligence and notification tools make it the most powerful, integrated pole management software platform available.

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“With the phenomenal help of Joe and Justin cranking out those itty bitty changes as we went along, we succeeded. I am extremely pleased right now, and feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I want everyone at Accent and back here to know where we are and how proud I am to have accomplished this much.  This has been a true team effort.”

Lorinda – Large investor-owned electric utility

“They have done a great job for us and I’m sure you would be more than happy with them also.  Without them, the quality of our work would have been greatly compromised.  They’re thorough, knowledgeable, and very professional in all aspects of their job performance.”

Lee – Local Government

“We can’t thank you and the team enough for both your effort and professionalism in how you have managed this project. This is a big day for us. Thank you. You guys are the best!”

Andy – Large investor-owned electric utility

“Great work. Thanks for all the effort and accomplishments on this!”

Ed – Very large investor-owned electric utility

“Their staff provided excellent leadership, outlining a successful approach to our project. They educated us on successful identification of needs, wants, and requirements. Their added value and insight was a major factor to the overall project success.

All work was thorough, accurate and completed within budget. Without a doubt I would recommend them.”

Ray – Local government