Minimize Trips to the Field

Visual Crew and Work Scheduler

Flexible Crew Composition

Graphical Scheduling and Crew Formation

Maximize Crew Efficiency

Today’s workforce is spread thin, but is expected to produce high quality, quickly. Varasset maximizes the use of people and equipment through visual scheduling and dynamic crew management. Varasset’s scheduler is a powerful management tool to improve crew utilization based on geographical density, crew skills, and project priority.

Varasset’s dynamic scheduler keeps managers and crews on the same page. Projects and associated crews are viewable by all interested parties, eliminating data silos and minimizing confusion regarding availability.

Common Uses

  • Schedule all jobs in one place
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling and rescheduling for large or small crews, on long and short duration work
  • Crew composition management
  • Assign important equipment
  • Prioritize projects
  • Adjust schedule granularity
  • Color-coded views of workload and resource availability
  • Monitor progress
  • Email notifications when tasks are due, or schedules have been updated

Key Benefits

  • Improve communication among project managers and teams
  • Manage crew availability to minimize conflicts
  • View all active and pending projects from one easy-to-use module
  • Schedule work routes logically and efficiently
  • Improve efficiency and reduce repeated trips to the same location
  • Improve resource utilization and increase productivity

Control Costs and

Maximize Project