Data Migration

Do you have data scattered across legacy spreadsheets and databases?

Data integrity is a significant business problem Varasset is often implemented to solve. Successful data migration and consolidation helps you start managing your work or assets immediately.

Many of our customers start with multiple sources of disconnected data, making it extremely difficult to understand project status and make decisions. Assets, work orders, designs, invoicing and data are often scattered across multiple spreadsheets and databases. Contract crews and inspectors often deliver their data as shape files, spreadsheets or geodatabases, which can be difficult to reconcile with your existing systems.

Our implementations focus on migrating your data with a goal of correcting and “normalizing” your data to the maximum extent possible. We follow a rigorous, systematic and iterative process to move your data from its initial source to Varasset.

We use Varasset’s core toolsets to enforce referential integrity, and ensure your data is migrated with meaningful results.

Varasset Solves Data Problems

  • Integrated database for all your historical data – assets, work management, mobile work, notifications, rate-based billing, contracts and Accounts Payable can all be cross-referenced, analyzed, and visualized.
  • Data validation and integrated workflow tools prevent your data from becoming fragmented or corrupted – you store only the correct data.
  • Interface with your GIS, work management and other enterprise systems to eliminate duplicate data entry and prevent future discrepancies.

Data Cleansing

Our skilled developers help you analyze and cleanse your legacy data. Using our API toolset, we import your legacy data into your custom-configured Varasset data structure, giving you a clean starting point.

Repeatable Data Export / Import

Do you need the ability to repeatedly export, import and reconcile data from third-party sources? Varasset has powerful, built-in import tools that allow you to resolve complex data issues.


If you have utility pole attachments, you typically receive an annual invoice with a list of attachments and poles from each pole owner. To determine whether the invoice amount is correct, Varasset imports the foreign data, updates your existing records, then generates exception lists that allow you to resolve conflicts. The final stage of the process involves sending corrected data to the pole owner, allowing them to update their own records.

Inaccurate invoicing can cost your utility a substantial amount of money every year. Some of our customers have recouped their investment in our software less than a year after implementation, just through improved invoicing.