Data Migration

The integrity of your data is pivotal to your project’s success. Successful data migration and consolidation helps you manage your work and assets accurately. Varasset’s data migration expertise assures that your data is usable and meaningful when it is brought over into the program.

Disconnected data makes it difficult to understand project status and make decisions. Assets, work orders, designs, invoicing and data are often scattered across spreadsheets and databases,. Varasset solves this problem by “normalizing” your data to the extent possible. We follow a rigorous, systematic and iterative process to move your data from its initial source to Varasset, all while improving its usability.

Make Your Data Meaningful

• Integrate data for all your historical assets, work, notifications, billing, contracts and Accounts Payable to cross-reference, analyze and visualize patterns.
• Data validation and integrated workflow tools prevent your data from becoming fragmented or corrupted – you store only the correct data.
• Interface with your GIS and other enterprise systems to eliminate duplicate data entry and prevent future discrepancies.

Data Cleansing

Worried that your data is too messy to fix? Our skilled developers help you analyze and cleanse your legacy data. Using our API toolset, we import your legacy data into your custom-configured Varasset data structure, giving you a clean starting point.