Improve Construction

Through Compatible Units Estimating

And Accelerate Project Closures

Plan Accurately, Reduce Waste, and

Control Construction Costs

Compatible unit estimating (CUE) is an important activity in utility transmission and distribution work management. CUE helps you identify the cost of work, labor hours and bill of materials needed to complete a work order. Identifying and securing all labor and materials is key to completing construction and maintenance projects on time and on budget. Varasset’s CUE tools associate specific parts, materials, tools and labor requirements to a job template, assuring resources are allocated efficiently and jobs are estimated accurately. Varasset makes it easy to compare plans to actuals at the end.

Varasset’s Compatible Unit Estimating tools help accurately estimate the resources needed to carry out projects, simplifying procurement, logistics and scheduling. Varasset enables all time-and-materials dependencies to work together to complete projects on time and on budget.

Common Uses

  • Assign estimated labor and materials with templated work plans
  • Monitor inventory accurately and efficiently
  • Improve accuracy in job estimation
  • Coordinate outside labor and enterprise crews
  • Construct consistently
  • Easily compare estimates to actuals
  • Integrate Varasset with spatial design software

Key Benefits

  • Ensure all needed materials and labor are available for a job
  • Improve logistical and supply chain processes
  • Use specialized compatible units for unique projects (e.g., anchors for a utility pole in sandy soil)
  • Adjust compatible units based on history of actuals vs. estimates

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