Mobile Options

Varasset integrates with many different mobile applications and hardware platforms.

Collaborate with Crews

Varasset’s fully-integrated mobile software is designed specifically for the needs of crews in the field. Your crews and contractors can improve efficiency and accuracy, while reducing operating costs.

Varasset gives your crew access to all asset and work data, maps, photos and functionality, even when an internet connection isn’t available. When a connection becomes available, all data is synchronized between the mobile software and your main Varasset database, in both directions. Crews can sync from any internet connection, wi-fi hotspot, or cellular data connection.


  • Immediate implementation of new standards
  • Managers can access data immediately after sync
  • Eliminate paper & manual updates
  • Minimize data loss if mobile computer is damaged

Preventive Maintenance

Perform inspections, corrections and work of all types:

  • Asset characteristic collection
  • Safety code inspections
  • Joint use contact & violation audits
  • Make-ready work
  • Quality control spot-check inspections
  • Streetlight audits
  • Avian protection inspections
  • Vegetation audits

Software Integration

As a certified Esri partner, Varasset includes tight integration with Esri mobile software, including Collector, Survey123 and Workforce.

Hardware Integration

Connect your mobile computer directly to many mobile devices:

  • Digital cameras & video cameras
  • Internal or external GPS devices
  • Barcode scanners
  • RFID readers
  • Asset diagnostic tools such as pole test devices

Integrated GIS Mapping

Integrated Esri maps show your current location on the digital map, allowing you to quickly navigate to nearby assets or conditions. Collect or correct latitude / longitude and other assets characteristics.

Digital Imagery

Take photos, infra-red scans and videos of assets or conditions and they automatically become embedded in that Varasset record.


Varasset is easily configured to follow your processes and standards. The workflow and screen layout are configured to make inspections extremely efficient and accurate. After the field work is completed, follow-up work is queued and notifications are sent to managers. Problems are tracked in a timely fashion and not left to an unreliable paper process.