Mobile Integration

Varasset’s HTML5 user interface runs on laptops and tablets, but does not include a fully disconnected mobile data collection application. Instead, we provide best-of-breed, platform-neutral integration with many different mobile applications.


Do you have a preferred mobile platform? More than one platform? Do your third-party contractors use their own software? Varasset’s REST API allows you to securely sync your data.

Mobile App Support

Apps for mobile data collection and field work have become common, inexpensive and quick to set up. Mobile apps typically utilize the built-in devices and other apps in your phone or tablet, including cameras, GPS and maps.

Integrate your mobile work process using Varasset workflows. Schedule, plan, estimate and assign field work in Varasset, then track every step and cost. After the work is completed, automatically notify managers and reconcile expenditures and as-builts.



Varasset is an Esri partner, so we can provide tight integration with Esri mobile software, including Collector, Survey123 and Workforce.

• Asset data collection
• Safety inspections & corrections
• Preventive maintenance
• Field work
• Joint use audits
• Make ready work
• Quality control inspections
• Streetlight audits