Varasset is proud to announce a successful XAM go-live for Green Mountain Power (GMP.) Having utilized Varasset for Joint Use for a number of years, when it came time for them to implement an enterprise work management system, Varasset was one of the companies invited to bid. Through a streamlined, remote deployment process, we delivered the project on time and on budget, during the quarantine.


Benefits included more consistent invoicing, accurate and consistent job estimation, efficiency improvement for both the designers and line crews, inventory loss reduction, improved depreciation expense accuracy, and reduced support labor. The financial savings to GMP is significant.


Among the qualitative benefits are better job packages, improved job scheduling, better transparency and tracking of labor productivity, improved community relations, elimination of multiple silo systems throughout the organization, and better management coverage.


“Varasset makes our practices all-inclusive, with everyone going to one place for their estimates and work orders, putting everyone on the same page,” said GMP’s Manager of Field Operations and Technology. “It’s eliminated a variety of folders and desktop apps, so that everyone is working on the same information. As a Manager, I can see exactly what’s going on without having to move between other apps, systems, etc., and that’s also true for everyone else, as estimates, easements, work orders, etc., are all in the same place.”


Like many utilities today, GMP will be experiencing significant staff turnover in the next five years. The GMP Manager added, “Now that our processes are in Varasset, it’s very easy to pass on the institutional knowledge that would otherwise be lost. And for the training of new people, or those in new positions, it’s very easy to work through Varasset and explain, ‘this is how you do your job.’”