Communication Manager

What is Communication Manager?

Communication Manager is a Varasset add-on web portal that facilitates communication between Internal staff and external third parties.

Track Projects & Keep Teams Informed

Building the networks of tomorrow will drive much of your work over the coming years. Varasset’s Communication Manager is designed to facilitate effective communication between your internal staff, third-party attachers, colocators and contractors.

Take advantage of Varasset’s enterprise license by inviting third parties into your environment, for seamless communication and faster project completion. Control access for guest users through role-based security. Varasset Communication Manager is an outward-facing portal with all the tools you need to complete projects quickly and efficiently, rapidly bringing a high return on your investment.

Standardize Workflows

Build workflows to standardize your processes and make them easy to follow. Set your notifications and approval paths according to your specific requirements. Create a clear vision of how work should be done on your assets, and enforce your standards.

Notifications and @Mentions

Communicate within Varasset in the form of a conversation. Simply mention a person or team and they will receive an email notification. Leaving comments on a project allows communication between involved parties and records the history of those conversations.


Clearly identifying available assets is pivotal for joint use and 5G colocation projects. Varasset integrates seamlessly with Esri, Google Maps and other GIS platforms to visualize assets, conditions, permit requests and other information. Your employees, contractors and third parties see maps with real-time data.

Project Status Monitoring

Quickly assess and understand project status, at every level. Identify bottlenecks, needed approvals, and whether a project is complete.