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Introducing Varasset 6!


Varasset 6 is developed on an HTML5 user interface. It runs cleanly on any browser in any operating system, including smartphones, tablets and iPads.

Workflow Engine

Varasset’s new BPMN 2.0 compliant workflow engine lets you manage complex work processes with ease.

Esri Integration

Varasset 6 is tightly integrated with Esri, enabling you to get the best from both platforms.

Simple Mapping

Map assets, work orders, and tickets within Varasset. Reverse geocode locations.


Our customers use a wide array of technologies in the office and in the field. To accommodate their needs, we’ve completely redeveloped the Varasset 6 user interface on HTML5. Its responsive design now runs on any browser on any operating system, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer.

Use Varasset 6 on your smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs running Android, Windows, iOS and other operating systems.

Workflow Engine

Improve your business processes through Varasset’s new Workflow engine. We put the power of workflows at your fingertips with easy-to-use visualization tools. Structure your critical business processes to manage, streamline and monitor how your people work.

Esri Integration

Varasset 6 includes tighter integration with Esri technologies including ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online, Collector, Survey123, Workforce, or WAB maps to visualize and prioritize assets, work and conditions.

Have another GIS platform? Don’t worry; Varasset is designed to easily integrate with any GIS, to get the most from your geospatial investment.

Simple Mapping

Visualize your facilities and conditions with improved maps that are streamlined to support your business processes. Quickly view your Assets, Tickets, and Work Orders from embedded Google Maps, on any web browser. Use the filtering, sorting and querying tools to organize and manage your work.

Need to locate your work order? Click on our maps to reverse geocode addresses and the latitude and longitude, save the location and share with others.

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More New Features

Intuitive System Wide Full-text Search

Find what you’re looking for faster in Varasset 6. Unstructured searching gives you a Google-like search experience to find key words across one entity or the entire system. Search through the content of file attachments and use wildcard searches to find what you need.

Additional Reporting and Chart Visualizations

Varasset 6 has a built-in wizard allowing you to quickly create simple reports in DOC, DOCX, ODT, XLS, XLSX, PDF, and HTML formats. Excel reporting improvements allow multi-tiered and crosstab native support.

Visually represent your data using various charts: pie, bar, serial, funnel, and Gantt. Annotate personal notes and keep a record by downloading the charts. Information presented is always up-to-date due to real-time incremental data updates.

Data Grid and Table Functionality Improvements

You can now see more of your data at once. Load thousands of records instantaneously. And use Varasset 6 Filters to quickly create custom queries using a visual editor. Persist the Filters for quick and easy access in the future. Save time by saving individual records and collections of records to your favorites. Bring your favorites with you: access your favorite records across all devices.

Enhanced Entity Categorization and Dynamic Attributes

Categorized entities customize your Varasset experience and allow you to capture category-specific data on your records. Addtional options to set required fields, default values, and role security for editing, hiding, and making these fields read-only ensures that you stay in control of your data. Get to the data you need by filtering records based on these custom fields.

Advanced Administrative Tools

  • Notification Delivery and Tracking
  • Entity Logging
  • Server Logging
  • Screen Profiling
  • Performance Statistics
  • Record Locking
  • Recent History
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • User Sessions
  • Advanced User Management

Improved Security Options and LDAP Integration

Varasset 6 secures your data with a role-based security configuration toolkit. Data is secured at the row level, within the database, and encrypted as required by your IT policies.

You can integrate with LDAP for single sign on, or maintain separate credentials for contractors and external users.

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