Recover Costs

Through Improved Billing Accuracy

Flexible Billing for Work & Assets

Service and Rental Billing

Varasset includes a rate-based billing engine that accommodates invoicing and all related fundamental data. Pole attachment rental calculations accommodate any variety of rental: per pole, per attachment, space-based, multiple-owners, overlashing, rate modifiers, net-billing and other variants.

To comply with accounting best practices, Varasset collects and calculates all relevant billing information based on current asset and work data, then tightly integrates with financial software for payment processing and collection. Payment status is then tracked in Varasset.

Common Uses

  • Joint use or colocation attachment rental
  • Make ready fees
  • Permit processing fees
  • Project labor, equipment & material cost
  • Contractor labor and expenditures
  • Capital asset cost reconciliation
  • Integration with existing financial systems

Key Benefits

  • Increase revenue through billing accuracy
  • Manage service and rental billing for all stages of the asset lifecycle
  • Track expenses for labor, materials and equipment
  • Be a good steward of rental income and associated fees

Easily Manage All Steps in the

Joint Use Process