Joint Use

Joint Use Software – Full Lifecycle Pole Management

Utility pole joint ownership and joint use attachments can be difficult, expensive and the source of conflict. Changing regulations, FCC rules, OTMR (One Touch Make Ready) and small cell / macro cell 5G build-out make this even more complex. Varasset’s joint use module incorporates asset management, work management, custom billing, mobile inspections and notification functionality to give you complete control and awareness.

  • Pole, attachment and underground assets
  • Asset & work history
  • Contracts, permits, sureties & complete attachment history
  • Large & small-scale attachment permitting via web portal, enhancing & automating the process
  • Make-ready
  • Inspections & corrections
  • Pole Transfers & safety violation communication
  • Electronic notifications (integrated with NJUNS or other notification tools)
  • Attachment rental & administrative billing
  • Attacher ownership change tracking & overlashing
  • Pole/attachment removal & sale of asset
  • Dispute resolution tracking
  • Asset/activity analysis & business intelligence
  • Integration with internal databases (e.g., GIS, FIS, CIS)
  • Mobile software for field inspections

Joint Use Attachments

Whether you are a pole owner or attacher, Varasset helps you:

  • Track all attachments, their locations and history
  • Identify and resolve asset ownership issues
  • Generate rate-based invoices, directly from pole data
  • Accurately validate or dispute incoming invoices
  • Perform field inspections, corrections and preventive maintenance

Notification and Alerts

Varasset allows you to automate your workflows and condition-based alerts and notifications to reduce labor and improve responsiveness.

Collect Data

Varasset interfaces with industry standard applications such as Esri Collector, Esri Survey123, Esri Workforce, ikeGPS, O-Calc Pro and Pole Foreman. Perform inspections and corrections with your own crews, or contract the work to one of the many qualified inspection companies.

  • GPS coordinates & other asset characteristics
  • Pole loading information
  • Conditions and safety violations
  • Digital photos & videos


NJUNS is a member-owned nonprofit consisting of over 1,600 US electric utilities, communication providers, wireless companies and public agencies. It is designed to facilitate communication between pole owners and attachers.

Varasset developed and supports the NJUNS software. We are uniquely qualified to offer a Varasset/NJUNS interface to enhance and improve your NJUNS experience. Create custom queries and reports, automate ticket creation & updates, and streamline your workflows.