Accelerate and Automate Colocation

Generate Revenue

By Offering Assets for

Third-Party Colocation

Exploit Nonregulated Assets to

Create Income for Your Organization

Underutilized assets could generate significant income from third-party colocation. Leasing space on nontraditional assets (e.g., streetlights, unregulated utility poles, transmission facilities, communication towers, land, buildings, etc.) improves the wireless infrastructure, while boosting the bottom line.

Varasset incorporates asset management, work management, custom billing, workflows, notifications, mapping and integration to give complete control over colocation offerings.

Common Uses

  • Colocator self-service portal automates permitting and provides real-time insight into workflow status
  • Configure workflows to accommodate specific asset types and locations
  • Manage contracts, permits & sureties
  • Manage make-ready and maintenance work
  • Bill for space/land rental and services rendered
  • Integrate with internal databases (e.g., GIS, FIS, CIS) and preferred mobile software

Key Benefits

  • Create new revenue by supporting 5G initiatives
  • Online customer portal provides easy access for requesting and managing colocation applications
  • Online GIS mapping displays all available infrastructure & land assets
  • Supports communication siting/coverage
  • Timely automated permitting, make-ready and build-out services
  • Ongoing colocation equipment maintenance support

Improve Asset

Life & Performance