Configuration & Extensibility

Make it Fit Your Needs

Varasset’s configuration toolkit enables you to quickly and easily configure the software to accommodate your specific needs – without a programmer or database administrator.

  • Data model – Add or modify fields and data entities
  • Validation – Validate data entry versus business rules
  • Views – Change screen layout, by user role
  • Security – Create role-based user access profiles and privileges
  • Automation – Configure workflows to automate your business processes
  • Notification – Create condition-based and calculated notifications and alerts
  • Analysis – Create queries, reports and dashboards
  • Documentation – Add field-level contextual help

After confirming your changes, you can publish to production immediately. Your changes are deployed in the office, on the web and in the field—at the click of a button. You don’t have to pay for software developers or undertake a laborious upgrade.

Customization without the Drawbacks

Traditional custom coding typically requires expensive re-work whenever the application is upgraded. By contrast, Varasset allows each customer to configure Varasset to their own requirements, but when Varasset application upgrades are installed, you still retain your custom configuration.


Varasset’s configurability is extensive and powerful, but you may have a complex need that requires custom code. Varasset utilizes dynamic .NET plug-ins directly in Varasset to cleanly accommodate complex business logic and extended functionality.

Project Support Services

Careful analysis, configuration and testing are critical to the success of any project, but are even more important when your software is very flexible. Varasset’s rapid deployment method allows us to configure, test and implement your solution quickly, with minimal impact to your workforce and IT staff. For more information, please visit our Services page.