Work and Asset Management Software for the Modern Utility

Varasset pulls your data together into a meaningful whole. Assets are connected to work management and billing. Assets and work are integrated with GIS maps, both in the office and on your mobile computers. Mobile data is directly connected to the asset and work records. Varasset’s API connects Varasset with your other internal systems.

Use Varasset’s built-in data analytics and geographic tools to visualize patterns and get ahead of problems, rather than just reacting.



Varasset’s implementation team has extensive power industry experience. Our owners are utility veterans, and are actively involved in all our projects. We understand the business, speak the language, and know how to solve the challenges you face.

Asset Management

Varasset helps power utilities easily manage maintenance, safety and attributes of field assets. Inspections, corrections and construction become accurate and well-managed. Varasset’s configurability allows the software to adjust to the unique characteristics and engineering standards of your transmission and distribution poles, underground facilities, transformers, streetlights, substations and other assets.

Work Management

Varasset’s highly configurable work management module conforms to the unique workflows of your utility. Set up your own business rules, notifications, approvals and validations to prevent costly project overages and surprises.

Joint Use

Varasset is the premiere software system for managing joint use of poles and underground facilities. Varasset solves joint use problems by combining its strengths in asset management, work management, custom billing, mobile data collection, notification and mapping.

Special Projects Example – NERC Compliance

Varasset can be configured to support your corner-case requirements. For example, Varasset is used by a large investor owned utility to manage LIDAR data collection for 100 kV+ transmission lines. Data is evaluated in Varasset, and remediation construction projects are initiated and approved based on cost estimates, or the lines are derated to bring them into compliance. Varasset then produces NERC compliance reports, allowing the utility to comply with regular audits.