Business Intelligence

Decision Support

Varasset blends asset, operations and financial data to show you the complete picture. Analyze and transform your data into meaningful decision support guidelines. Compare estimated costs, schedules and resource loading to actuals. View real-time project status to visualize and prevent problems, delays and overages.

How Will You Get There?

If you don’t know where you are, and you don’t have a quantifiable plan, how will you reach your destination? Strategic business decisions include priorities, goals and directions. The only way to reliably hit your target is through measurement of asset and performance metrics versus benchmarking. Varasset helps you track it all.

Built-in Business Intelligence Tools

  • Dashboards, charts and graphs
  • Embedded GIS geomapping
  • Easy to use query builders
  • Versatile data grid display
  • Historical data and audit history


  • Data visualization
  • Identify and develop strategic business opportunities
  • Historical, current and predictive views of business operations
  • Quantitative analytics
  • Optimized decision support
  • Support strategic business management—not just operational reporting
  • Analyze data-sharing and collaboration (web portal)
  • Usable, current data