Make Better

Business Decisions

With Improved Access to Data

Varasset Offers a Variety of Ways to

Visualize Business Information

Varasset blends asset, operations, geospatial and financial data to show the complete picture. Consolidate information into one database, eliminating data silos and interfacing with other software. Compare estimated costs, schedules and resource loading to actuals. View real-time project status to identify problems and bottlenecks, then make informed management decisions.

Prior to implementing Varasset, most organizations have data spread out in a variety of spreadsheets and databases. Migrating all that information into Varasset creates a unified system which allows users to see and query all the information necessary to make good management decisions and improve productivity. Varasset ties it all together with configurable dashboards, easy-to-use query and reporting tools, powerful data grids with Excel-like access, and built-in mapping and geographic visualization.

Common Uses

  • Configurable dashboards, charts and graphs
  • Easy-to-use query & reporting tools
  • Integration with Esri or other GIS systems
  • Versatile, filterable data grid
  • Full asset, work and audit history
  • Integration with business intelligence platforms

Key Benefits

  • Prioritize resource allocation for optimal results
  • Historical, current and predictive views of operations
  • Quantitative analytics with current, actionable data
  • Data visualization and optimized decision support
  • Strategic management – not just reporting

What Sets Us Apart?

How Varasset

is Different