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Varasset helps communication companies integrate data into a meaningful story. Assets and work are automatically linked. Integrated features include crew scheduling, material use, detailed costing, use of work phases and integration with other software. Varasset’s built-in dashboards and geographic tools help visualize patterns, minimize trips to the field, and maximize crew productivity.

We understand the business, speak the language, and know how to solve the challenges of the industry. Our solutions are quickly implemented and very cost effective compared to other industry solutions.

Asset Management

Varasset helps communication companies easily manage maintenance, safety and field asset attributes. Inspections, corrections and construction become accurate and well-managed. Varasset’s configurability adjusts to the unique characteristics and engineering standards of poles, underground facilities, switching cabinets, multiplexers, central office equipment, and other assets.

Joint Use

Varasset is the premiere solution for managing utility pole and underground facility joint use. Adaptive asset management, work management, custom billing, notification, mapping & integration support all stages of the lifecycle. Our team has a deep understanding of joint use business processes, regulations and challenges.

Using Varasset ensures deployment projects run smoother by managing relationships with asset owners, directing workforce and managing permits, contractors and other dependencies.

Work Management

Varasset’s work management module conforms to the unique workflows of your business. Configure business rules, notifications, approvals and validations to prevent costly project overages and delays. Proactively manage permits and other project dependencies. Varasset’s intuitive work management system keeps projects on target & monitors workforce.

5G Colocation

5G construction will be a significant part of all network deployment projects for years to come. Installing and maintaining a large number of 5G small cell and macro cell devices will require a strong, organized project work structure. Varasset incorporates asset management, work management, custom billing, workflows, notifications and integration functionality to enable complete control of colocation projects.

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