Intuitive User Interface

Tailored to the Requirements

Of Your Organization

Configured to Your Requirements

Your User Community, Your Way

Varasset is constructed with the needs of our customers in mind, from the way it’s licensed, to the intuitive, configurable user interface, to the visual workflows. This application is designed to be USED and to be a quality, trusted, and valued part of any enterprise.

Varasset is sold as an Enterprise license, and multiple instances of the application can be utilized at no extra cost. Varasset allows unlimited users throughout an organization, including third parties and contractors working on the assets. Our customers know their costs upfront, and don’t have to add expensive, additional seats each time they add an inspection or construction contractor. Varasset features an intuitive UI, a powerful, visual workflow editor, a familiar “tabbed” environment, and powerful data grids that are easy to sort, filter, query, and report upon.

Common Uses

  • Enterprise license with unlimited users
  • Intuitive UI with a familiar, tabbed environment
  • Data grid is easy to filter, sort, query, and export
  • Visual workflow editor, configured to your workflows
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Quickly create bulk estimates and work orders

Key Benefits

  • No additional expenses as users are added
  • Feels comfortable and familiar
  • Excel-like access to your data
  • Work processes are clear and easy to follow
  • Each dashboard shows information relevant to the user
  • Bulk creation saves time and increases efficiency

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