Varasset Workflows

Standardize & Accelerate Repeatable Processes

For Increased Accuracy and Productivity

Configurable Workflows and Automated Notifications

Keep the Work Moving

A workflow is a sequence of manual and automated tasks. The sequence, dependencies, deadlines and approvals of a given process are fully supported through workflows. Varasset’s configurable BPMN 2.0 workflow engine is a powerful tool that allows you to visualize processes and coordinate work between team members, across department lines and with contractors and third parties.

Varasset supports communication in a variety of ways. Simply @mention a person or team and they will receive an email notification. Comments within a project allows conversations between parties, and records the conversation history. To see progress on a particular job, simply open the visual workflow editor. You’ll see exactly what’s been done and what’s next.

Common Uses

  • Task and project assignment
  • Route work orders and tasks to the owner of the next step in the process
  • Automate notifications, reviews and approvals
  • Communicate in real time with third parties
  • Enforce dependencies on tasks, materials, labor, and equipment
  • Automate planning, scheduling and resource allocation
  • Enforce work standards
  • Combine project management, resource planning & financial tracking

Key Benefits

  • Rapidly model, design, automate and control business processes
  • Visualize process and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Reduce time spent on the phone with attachers and contractors
  • Teams collaborate much more efficiently
  • Automate, improve and accelerate decision support
  • Show standard work processes visually in workflows for each project

Control Costs and

Maximize Project