Designed to Interface

With Seamless Integration

Using Our Open REST API

Continuous, Secure Integration

With Other Software Platforms

Whether it’s mobile data collection software, third-party contractors with their own software, pole-loading software, Esri (or other GIS), financials, or other platforms, Varasset’s public REST API is designed to interface. Our team specializes in configuring and implementing interfaces.


Varasset’s REST API (Application Programming Interface) is designed to provide reliable, secure data integration with nearly all data elements in Varasset. The fully-documented API utilizes Varasset’s configurable, middle-tier business logic to ensure incoming data is properly stored and applied. Many customers configure our API without assistance from Varasset’s staff.

Common Uses

  • Sync field data between Varasset and mobile data collection and mobile workforce software
  • Integrate with Esri or other GIS platforms
  • Streamline billing with financial system integration

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility with a variety of software tools
  • Eliminate duplicate & incorrect data entry
  • Keep GIS data accurate, and synchronized
  • Varasset as the satellite billing ledger—utilize Varasset in accordance with financial best practices
  • Reduce costs by minimizing legacy system rework as your legacy systems evolve

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