Asset Management

Asset Management Software – Full Asset Lifecycle

Accurate data is the key to maintaining your asset health. Varasset gives you the tools you need to analyze asset health, prioritize workloads and prevent costly outages. Manage your maintenance programs with automated notification of asset problems based on condition limits. Easily access asset work history, equipment, location, condition, and even disposal and salvage. Accurately estimate costs, giving you the intelligence you need to run your projects smoothly.

Common Uses

• Promote and extend asset life & performance
• Make better capital investment decisions & reduce operating costs
• Forecast asset replacement based on useful remaining life—not age
• Streamline & improve maintenance operations while enhancing safety
• Regulatory compliance reporting
• Plan, schedule, and assign maintenance activities
• Standardize operational data collection

Key Benefits

• Eliminate data silos
• Configure to your unique standards, workflows & approval processes
• Accommodate special work processes
• Improve operation response times
• Reduce overtime, clear backlogs and make better informed decisions
• Cost-effective solution with high value for your business
• Improve asset utilization
• All asset data and historical maintenance records in one repository