Asset Management

Asset Management Software – Full Asset Lifecycle

  • Combine asset & work data to analyze asset health, prioritize workload and prevent costly outages
  • Enterprise-wide visibility into attributes, equipment, location, asset condition & corrective maintenance
  • Automatic notification of asset problems based on condition limits
  • Full history asset activities, from purchase through disposal & salvage
  • Historical asset cost data – maintenance, depreciation and disposal
  • Support for all asset types, including fixed, distributed, linear, fleet, etc.
  • Mobile software for condition assessment, inspections & mobile work
  • Integrates with GIS, document management and financial software

Asset Management Benefits

  • Promote and extend asset life & performance
  • Improve asset utilization
  • Make better capital investment decisions & reduce operating costs
  • Forecast asset replacement needs based on useful remaining life—not age
  • Streamline & improve maintenance operations while enhancing safety
  • Regulatory compliance reporting
  • All asset data and historical maintenance records in one repository
  • Plan, schedule, and assign maintenance activities
  • Standardize operational data collection

Key Benefits

  • Varasset unifies data silos into an integrated whole
  • Configure to your unique standards, workflows & approval processes
  • Configure to accommodate special work processes
  • Improve operations response times & streamline workflow
  • Reduce overtime, clear backlogs and make better (informed) decisions
  • Easy to upgrade, unlike alternatives
  • Cost-effective solution with high value for your business