Streamline Work Processes

Through Real-Time Integration

With Other Applications

Varasset’s Easy-to-Use API Weaves all Your Applications into

One Integrated Solution

To create a seamless work process, Varasset should be integrated with existing systems. Our team specializes in configuring and implementing interfaces. Integrating your software reduces manual data input, keeps data accurate, improves process efficiency and allows automation of processes.

Varasset’s REST API (Application Programming Interface) is designed to provide reliable data integration with nearly all data elements in Varasset. The API utilizes Varasset’s configurable, middle-tier business logic to ensure incoming data is properly stored and useful in future transactions.

Common Uses

  • Integrate with:
    • Esri and other GIS platforms
    • Corporate ERPs
  • Full-service integration support
  • Streamline workflows across platforms & substantially improve process efficiency
  • Promote timely capital asset depreciation and total cost of ownership
  • Accurate budget-to-actual reporting

Key Benefits

  • Keep all your data in one easy-to-use repository
  • Ensure a high level of data integrity & usability
  • Improve organizational efficiency by eliminating data silos
  • Depreciate assets in a timely and accurate manner
  • Improve the accuracy of financial reporting

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