What Sets Us Apart

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How Varasset is Different

Varasset’s configurable features operate in concert, forming a unique solution for your organization. Varasset can be deployed to your entire enterprise, supporting all capital work and assets. Or it can be quickly deployed for a specific set of work processes to cost-effectively fill a “hole” left by your tier-one enterprise solution.

Highly configurable and extensible:
Varasset software is designed to be very flexible.  Without custom code, it can be easily adjusted to your unique workflows, data requirements and security protocols. Even after go-live, Varasset is extensible and responsive to your evolving requirements.

Workflows & notifications:
Varasset’s workflow engine connects with Varasset’s other modules. Workflows let your users control processes, improve data accuracy, and visualize current work status.

Application Program Interface (API):
Our widely deployed and well-documented REST API helps easily integrate Varasset data across the enterprise, allowing work to flow across teams and work groups, promoting consistent data and process efficiency.

Varasset is sold as a site-license. Unlike other software products, we don’t charge extra for added seat licenses. We encourage extended use of our solutions by all your involved employees, contractors and third-parties.

Industry expertise:
Varasset is designed specifically for power utilities and communication companies. Our consultants know your business. We bring industry best practices based on many other successful projects.

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