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Work Management Software

Construction and maintenance projects are complex. Real-time views of project status and resource utilization help keep projects on time and on budget. Varasset provides the tools to manage capital construction and maintenance projects efficiently. Timely, automated communication improves results.

Varasset can manage all the enterprise work and assets, or can rapidly solve targeted problems left behind by an existing enterprise solution.

Common Uses

  • Capital construction project management
  • Compatible units & estimates
  • Project work orders & task management
  • Work requests, labor, planning & crew scheduling
  • Contractor & employee tasking, materials & equipment use
  • Resource optimization & capacity planning
  • Project costing – actuals versus estimates
  • Performance & productivity analysis
  • Workflow & approvals with configurable notifications

Key Benefits

  • Understand project status & make informed decisions
  • Keep work orders organized and easily accessible
  • Track time, materials & costs using compatible units
  • Communicate with and manage third-party crews
  • Estimate project costs & reconcile with actuals
  • Stay informed with automated event & condition notifications
  • Mandate and teach processes with workflows and notifications
  • Integrate easily with Varasset’s API

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