Safeguard the Information

Of Your Organization

And of Your Customers

Be Proactive in the Fight to Protect Your Data from

Hackers and Ransomware

Security is increasingly critical to our power & communications customers. Varasset is designed to be implemented on customer servers, behind their firewall, in full compliance with all IT policies. It’s controlled and administered by their employees. We are doing our part, too, currently undergoing SOC 2, Type 2 security certification.

Varasset has never been hacked, and we’ve passed every audit. To keep it that way, we continue to invest R&D dollars in our own security. In addition to product security, we’ve made improvements to our physical location, our network, our systems, application, and data security. Currently undergoing SOC 2, Type 2 Certification, we’re awaiting the results of that testing, and expect to receive our certification shortly.

Security Controls

  • Varasset can be implemented on your servers, behind your own firewall
  • SAML 2.0 compliant, to support SSO
  • Browser user interface designed for security certificates
  • Varasset has highly configurable role-based security, administered by your employees
  • Continuous security improvement program to keep you and your data safe

Key Benefits

  • Full compliance with your own IT policies, and controlled & administered by your own employees
  • Allows you, the customer, to select what data is available to each individual user
  • You can have confidence that Varasset is secure

The Premiere Solution

For Today's

Power Industry