Fully Retain and Analyze

Field Inspection and Audit Results

Then Efficiently Make Corrections

Know Exactly What’s in the Field and on the Poles

Stable Integration with Mobile Applications

Field inspections and attachment audits are vitally important, but the collected data is often saved in isolated shapefiles and spreadsheets. Varasset acts as the repository for inspection data, automatically creating work orders and assigning tasks to efficiently execute corrections.

We provide best-of-breed, platform-neutral integration with most mobile applications.

Common Uses

  • Repository for all field data collection activities
  • Initiation point for corrections and asset improvements
  • Source for accurate pole attachment rental information
  • Work orders for high priority issues can be automatically created
  • Interface with any mobile data collection tools
  • Choose the best contractors for the specific needs of the organization

Key Benefits

  • Data available to query, report, and act upon
  • Stay on top of maintenance, knowing the condition of all assets
  • Minimize disputes with attachers, and maximize revenue for the utility
  • Quickly and efficiently address the most dangerous or pressing problems
  • Varasset interfaces with the mobile tools of choice for our customers
  • Since Varasset doesn’t offer field services, we don’t compete with field service providers

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