Image for Case Study: How DEMCO handles massive workloads with Joint Use 365

Case Study: How DEMCO handles massive workloads with Joint Use 365

After going live with Joint Use 365,  Dixie Electric Membership Co. (DEMCO) saw a massive change in how its joint use department operated. What was before an overwhelming workload managed by one key contributor became a highly-efficient, centralized workflow. This case study highlights the significant benefits that DEMCO experienced after implementing Joint Use 365’s software platform.

The core contribution Joint Use 365 provided to DEMCO is a modern, technologically sophisticated system that removed the need for outdated paper-based processes. DEMCO experienced a huge decline in the amount of non-automated tasks the joint-use department had to perform, as well as improved communication with attachers and work crews.

By providing real-time data access through GIS and NJUNS integrations, Joint Use 365’s platform streamlined processes and improved efficiencies in joint-use management. DEMCO saw faster permitting timelines. And by consolidating billing, asset management, and make-ready estimates into one convenient hub, DEMCO can preserve industry knowledge better and prevent dependencies on individuals.

Varasset is proud to have contributed to DEMCO’s success in joint-use asset management. This case study highlights the importance of collaboration and technology in the utility industry. By leveraging technology and working together, utilities can improve efficiencies and provide better customer service.

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