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Introducing Varasset V6.4

Last year, we released Varasset 6, rebuilding Varasset on a contemporary technology stack. This allowed Varasset to be utilized on any browser, on any device. Now, we’ve updated and streamlined again, with the release of Varasset 6.4.

The first thing you’ll see is our New Varasset User Interface theme with new screen layouts to greatly enhance usability, with a visual focus on the most important information.

Security is top-of-mind with all of our customers, so “Single Sign-On” (SAML) authentication is now supported. SAML authentication increases security, and enables the ease of accessing multiple applications with one logon.

Our Compatible Units & Estimating tool was a wonderful enhancement, but we’ve now made it simpler to use. Estimate Template Type is now available when creating a Compatible Units estimate. Applying the template type to a newly created Estimate will copy the details into a new version, allowing even faster creation of commonly executed job costing.

Already a very powerful Varasset feature, we’ve enhanced our business process management Workflow functionality. Decreasing clicks, yet increasing the ease with which you can use this tool, some of those enhancements include:

Dynamic assignment of workflow user tasks utilizing the new Varasset Entity Actor feature
Claim an unassigned workflow task as your own
Reassign a workflow task to a specific User or Team
Set up automated emails when a workflow task has been assigned to a User or Team
Manage running workflows & tasks from enhanced administration screens

Communication Manager is the Varasset tool that is used to streamline and automate the permitting process, from planning to field work. Already an improvement for communication between asset owners and attachers / colocators, our customers are seeing this as an ideal way to handle the one-touch-make-ready, small-cell / 5G deployments, and FCC rules. Some of those improvements are:

‘Create’ function now behaves like a wizard, with form options for the user to choose
‘Form’ remembers what the user last chose for quick creation of similar entries
Templates can now be configured to start a workflow automatically upon creation
Google Map Asset selection capability allows users to associate Assets quickly without having to launch an Esri map

Varasset is dynamic, always developing, and growing to meet the current and future needs of our customers.