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Tips for Choosing the Right Software

With so many software solutions, it can be confusing to sort through all your options to find the best fit. The right software is critical in today’s business world, and is worth taking the time to find. How do you decide?

First, look for a software developer that has industry-specific experience in your industry. Many companies attempt to sell to any industry they can. Others focus on a specific industry, offering a greater understanding of the industry’s functions, terminology, needs, history, pace, trends, future directions, etc. These vendors typically understand industry-best-practices, and use them in their software.
Next, do your systematic “due diligence,” and learn all you can about how your potential provider and their product. Functionality and price are only part of the story. Is the technology maintainable in the long term? Will it extend and adapt to your evolving needs? Is the software your vendor’s core product, or just a temporary means to hook you for other services? What is the 10-year total cost of ownership? Does the vendor have a good reputation for integrity, delivery and follow-through?
Third, ask yourself if you are comfortable with the style and method of communication with the provider? Are they asking the right questions and listening to your answers? Are their customers still satisfied after the software is live? Ask for referrals, call them, and pay attention to their answers.

Yes, the financial investment is an element of this decision, but you need to have full confidence in the service you’ll receive during implementation and after. Have you developed real trust, and sense that the provider will be a long-term partner? If the answer to that question is yes, you may have found your solution.

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