Image for Varasset is acquired by Univerus

Varasset is acquired by Univerus

Varasset Joins Forces with Univerus in Exciting Acquisition

Varasset, known for its innovative joint use work and asset management solutions for the utility sector, has been acquired by Univerus, an employee-owned software powerhouse from Canada. This Varasset acquisition is not just a business deal; it’s the beginning of a new era for both companies.

For over two decades, Varasset has carved out a niche as a provider of cutting-edge utility joint use solutions, earning the trust of many big names in the power and communications industries. Its commitment to staying ahead of the curve has made it a go-to for utilities looking for modern and efficient joint use management tools.

As Varasset transitions into this new phase, its focus remains on the people who have helped build its success: its employees and customers. By becoming part of the Univerus family, Varasset gains access to more resources, which means it can take on bigger projects and respond to industry changes more swiftly. Plus, there’s exciting news for clients—your favorite support staff will now be part-owners, ensuring that the stellar service you’re used to isn’t going anywhere.

Together, Varasset and Univerus are set to create a synergy that promises innovation, quality, and growth. Both teams are eager to continue providing exceptional value and to explore the new opportunities this partnership will bring.

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