Varasset to Attend DistribuTECH Conference in San Diego, CA, 02/07-02/09/2023

Varasset, the leading utility joint use software solutions provider, is pleased to announce its attendance at the DistribuTECH International Conference in San Diego, California. From February 7th to 9th, will demonstrate how their Varasset V7 and Joint Use 365 products can revolutionize, streamline, and optimize joint use… Read More

Varasset to attend Heartland’s Fall Joint Use Conference in Canonsburg, PA, 10/18 – 10/19/22

We’re excited to announce Varasset will attend Heartland’s in-person, fall joint use conference. This conference is the perfect time to catch up with our peers while learning about federal funding for broadband expansions, new attachment rules, and best practices for joint use departments. At the Heartland conference, we’re proud to… Read More

Varasset to Attend CEATI Distribution Conference in Indian Wells, CA, 10/04 – 10/05/22

We’re happy to announce that Varasset will be at CEATI’s annual Distribution Conference. This conference is an excellent opportunity to discover industry best practices and new tools and technologies to improve utility asset management. Varasset is proud to offer its 20+ years of knowledge of the power and communications industries… Read More

Varasset will attend WEI Joint Use Conference in Denver, CO, 09/13 – 09/16/22, hosted offsite reception to follow

Visit Varasset at Western Energy Institute’s annual joint use conference in Denver! This conference is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with peers while receiving crucial insights from industry experts. We look forward to listening and learning from the FCC, Clark Public Utilities, Osmose, and Cox Communications speakers. Varasset is… Read More

Varasset to attend SEE in Tampa, FL 06/29 – 07/01/2022

See Varasset at the Southeastern Energy Exchange (S.E.E.) conference in Tampa, FL! This will be Varasset’s first time attending S.E.E., and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with our peers in the energy and telecom industries.  We know that RDOF and BEAD funding is driving a massive… Read More

Varasset to attend DistribuTECH International in Dallas, TX, 05/23 – 05/25/2022

Visit Varasset at DistribuTECH International in Dallas! DistribuTECH features new transmission and distribution technologies, excellent educational forums, and opportunities to meet with industry leaders. Varasset brings decades of experience providing unparalleled joint use management software solutions. Recent federal broadband funding is creating an overwhelming workload for pole… Read More

Varasset to Attend IEEE PES T&D Conference in New Orleans, LA, 4/25 – 4/28/2022

Meet Varasset at the IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference in New Orleans! This conference hosts engineering consultants, design firms, power utilities, and leaders in the T&D community. Recent Federal broadband funding is driving an enormous workload on pole owners. As the leading provider of pole joint use management… Read More

Varasset to Attend WEI's Virtual Joint Use Conference, 9/15 – 9/16/2021

Varasset is excited to attend Western Energy Institute’s Virtual Joint Use conference on September 15-16. At this show we will be showcasing Joint Use 365, the nation’s leading joint use software, designed to manage the entire joint use cycle for small to mid-sized electric utilities. This show will… Read More

Varasset to Attend UTC's Telecom & Technology Conference in Portland, OR, 8/23 – 9/2/2021

Varasset is excited to attend UTC’s Telecom & Technology Conference in Portland, Oregon. This conference will explore the world of Information & Communications Technology (ICT). At this show we will be showcasing our newest product: Joint Use 365. Joint Use 365 is a powerful, rapidly deployed software solution to your… Read More

Varasset to Attend EDIST's 2021 Virtual Conference

Varasset will attend EDIST’s first virtual conference on January 13th-14th, 2021 . We are excited to be able to feature Keith Williams of Georgia Power presenting on how Varasset has revolutionized GPC’s colocation and 5G programs (January, 14th). We hope to meet with you at our virtual… Read More