Case Study: How DEMCO handles massive workloads with Joint Use 365

After going live with Joint Use 365,  Dixie Electric Membership Co. (DEMCO) saw a massive change in how its joint use department operated. What was before an overwhelming workload managed by one key contributor became a highly-efficient, centralized workflow. This case study highlights the significant benefits that DEMCO experienced after implementing… Read More

Utility’s Guide to 2023 Broadband Expansions

As 2022 draws to a close, utilities of all sizes should brace for an incredibly busy 2023. Massive federal grants to roll out accessible, high-speed internet will hinge on expert utility pole joint use and collaboration with communications companies. The culprit of utilities’ increased workload is the Broadband Equity,… Read More

Case Study: How Varasset Revitalizes Joint Use Departments

Varasset took on the challenge of assisting a large east coast electric utility. The utility provides power and transmission services to nearly 2.5 million customers, and powers a number of government facilities. Recent federal funding for broadband expansion programs prompted communications companies to create aggressive internet rollout plans. These plans… Read More

A Quick Reference Guide to Utility Pole Attachments

This article was written and published on July 7th, 2022. The information in this article is not intended to give actionable legal advice. The accuracy of this post may change at any time. Please refer to FCC-issued documentation for more information on all the contents contained herein. Read More

A Brighter Future: How Varasset Software Lit PacifiCorp’s Streetlights

SUMMARY PacifiCorp is an electric power company that operates the largest grid in the western United States. They have over two million customers across Oregon, Washington, California, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. PacifiCorp is implementing a proactive renewable energy program by modernizing its grid, utilizing green energy resources, and seeking to… Read More

Preparing for 5G: How One of the Nation’s Largest Electric Utilities Provides Software Automation to Support 5G Carriers

Southern Company chose Varasset to automate, standardize, and optimize their joint use and 5G attachment process across all electric operating companies. Vancouver, WA, 3/3/2020 About Varasset Based in Vancouver, WA, Varasset is a work and asset management software solution for the power and communications industries. Varasset adapts to the unique… Read More

The Future of 5G

We’re proud to see Georgia Power, our customer, proactively providing support to their 5G communication provider partners! Click the link below to read about the future of 5G networks and how utilities can generate revenue by allowing 5G attachments on their assets. Read More

Electric Utility Streamlines 5G Colocation on Nontraditional Assets

Mobile connectivity has permeated our lives and lifestyles, with devices like fitness trackers, smart refrigerators, and remote-controlled home heating systems. Internet of Things (IoT) devices currently use cloud-connected cellular networks like 4G LTE, but they are limited by an overcrowded network with insufficient bandwidth. With recent and future 5G deployments,… Read More

Varasset Fulcrum Mobile Work Management

Introduction to Varasset Fulcrum Mobile Work Management… Read More

Varasset IKE GPS Interface

Import IKE File into Varasset… Read More